about-designs is a family business started in 2014 by sisters Eva & Sonya. Their love of plants, flowers and interiors came years earlier though. During the first year of the interior design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology and junior year of high school, both Sonya and Eva needed a job. Luckily they fell upon a family owned florist & greenhouse specializing in events, weddings, and running a storefront. The girls look back fondly on those years as a great learning experience.

We recognize there is a bit of waste in the design industry. This extends from shipping goods to construction and everything in between. When possible, the goal is to incorporate antiques or re-purpose existing items from the clients. We aim to purchase as many flowers as possible from the garden state. During the holidays, we cut much of the greenery from our own properties. 

Placing an equal interest in the vegetation as well as the space they occupy, about-designs schemes to be an integral part of the overall aesthetic. Our ability to assess a space while using the most appropriate interior products, flowers or plants, sets us apart in the industry. We strive to deliver a refined sensibility to all of our projects.


Floral and garden design are based on the season, type of plant/flower quantity and overall size of the event.  Budgets are strictly adhered to and creative solutions can be achieved at any price point.  In most cases, we create a complimentary sample for the client to preview before making a commitment. 

We can use your inspirational image as a point of reference or help create the perfect design for you. Styling with plants or flowers for photo shoots is a requested favorite.


Interiors are priced  according to the scope of work and the size of the project. Each space is unique, requiring a custom approach. Typically an overall fee is set at the onset of the project, with additional design work billed at $75 per hour. The initial consultation including a local visit to the site is gratis. Specific services include space planning; sourcing of furniture, lighting, fabrics, antiques and materials; construction supervision; and purchasing.




Salierno Sisters Eva, Lia, and Sonya prepping for a wedding at the Water Witch Club.